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    Jan 10, 2012
    Exclamation Broken Macbook 13". Probably electrical glitch.
    So here it goes, the short story:

    Old macbook 13", the one with a separate panel over the keyboard that cracks all the time. Dropped it onto the floor, the impact took on the right corner, to the right of the trackpad. Everything seemed fine for a while. Then it suddenly stopped working on batterypower but with the cable attached it was fine.
    The battery indicator shows half charge and in the menues it goes between 37 - 47%. So it can "see" the battery, it provides maintance charge to it but it can´t run on it. Suddenly the thing starts to die on me, sometimes once every few minutes, sometimes it can run for a week and then yesterday, suddenly "peeew", it died completely. Not even the little LED in the magnetic connection turns on. If i wiggle the connector it sometimes flashes for a 1/10 of a second, sometimes orange, sometimes green. If i hold the powerbutton it sometimes turns on for a few seconds and the instantly dies.
    I cheched for dirt, dust, grime and oxidation on the powerconnections on the cable and battery, did a SMC reboot but still nothing.
    Any idéas?

    Best regards with a faint cry for help: Zach

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    Really? Noone has a clue? Come on guys! Someone must know! Bring it on!

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