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    Jan 09, 2012
    Help me connect my MacBook 13’ (Late 2009) to my LCD TV
    Having been looking all around the internet and am wanting to connect my MacBook to my LCD TV.

    I checked in my MacBook’s audio outputs and HDMI isn’t in there, I suppose this means that I can buy the HDMI cord as well as the adapter and get the video but not the audio?

    I am willing to buy any cords or adapters to display my MacBooks screen and audio on my LCD TV, just a little confused at this point. Help!

    Thank you so much ahead of time

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    Jan 09, 2012
    Bump. Anybody able to help?

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    I did a quick search and it seems that people get audio just fine using the mini-display port to hdmi setup.

    Edit: I found this
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    Jan 09, 2012
    That discussion was on the 2010 macbook air...

    I have a macbook from late 2009. I know that my macbook supports the HDMI video but does it allow audio to play through my TV?

    Here is the manuel for my LCD:

    Can I connect this:
    from the headphone input on my macbook to the coaxial digital audio input on my TV for sound

    Then use this:
    along with an HDMI cord to connect to the hdmi slot of my TV for video.

    Would that would?

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    Jan 09, 2012
    Opinion on cords to connect my macbook audio and video to LCD TV
    I have a Macbook (Late 2009) and want to hook it up to this TV...

    Cord I think will work for video:

    Cord I think will work for audio:

    Due to my macbook not supporting audio through the HDMI, I have to buy that 3.5 headphone jack to RCA.

    Will this work or do I need different cords? Thank you very much!

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    Just need one of these:

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    I've merged your posts - please just stick to a single thread. Thanks.

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