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    Doubt about 2 keys on japanese layout macbook pro keyboard
    Hello everyone!

    A friend brought me a japanese macbook pro. That's cool, except for the japanese keyboard. I already changed to brazilian layout (I'm from Brazil), but there are 2 keys, on the side of the spacebar, that I can't seem to change.

    I'm using UKELELE to change the layout. I really needed one of the keys to be the '\' key.

    Is there someway to change those 2 keys? By the way, here's a picture of the keys, located on the left and right sides of the spacebar!


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    Hey, im no mac master but i can tell you that the key to the right says Kana, likely for katakana so it is likely a special function key for japanese specifically. Im not sure if thats the reason it wont change or if it can be repurposed.

    Good luck man.

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