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Thread: Macbook wont charge - help needed!

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    Question Macbook wont charge - help needed!
    Hey all,
    I have a 13" Macbook, model #A1185, and have owned this laptop for roughly 3-4 years. I got it new and have taken good care of it.

    I cannot get the battery to charge. If I unplug the charging cord, the laptop shuts off of goes into a low power mode that sometimes recovers. Looking at the top bar, there is an "X" through the battery icon.

    When I plug in the original power supply, there is a bright green light on the plug, but then goes to a dull, faint green light. The laptop will only run while being plugged into the power supply.

    I recently ordered a new battery, thinking the original battery was dead and wouldnt hold a charge, but I still have the same issue. When I first received the new battery, pressing the button on the bottom of the battery showed there was about half charge. Now, it shows the battery is dead.
    I have also tried another, working, charger but again, still have the same issues.

    What else can I try or do if using a different battery and charger has had no effect?
    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    I can't say for sure without actually testing the unit myself but it could be a defective DC input board. That would prevent the circuitry from charging the battery. Or it could be bad logic on the main board (logic board). You probably need to have an Apple tech run a diagnostic on your machine.

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    Resetting the PMU (Power Management Unit?) helped my iBook when it was doing stuff like that. Can't remember how to do that though, sorry, I'm a Girl.

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