Hi everyone,

I have a mid 2009 13" macbook pro.

When I decided to upgrade my RAM, I checked how much I currently had and it said I only had 1G ram, with the other slot empty. I thought for SURE it originally came with 2G ram, but I just ignored it.

I ordered 1 set of two 2G ram. When I installed it, I saw that I actually did have 2 gigs of ram, 1 G in each slot. I thought nothing of it though and put in both 2 G ram in each slot. When I booted up my computer and checked, it said I had 4 G ram which is what it should have been. However when i booted up my computer this morning and checked again, it said I only have 2 G ram.

I'm guessing this means that one of my RAM slots is no longer registering the ram i put into it? If this is the case, why did it register 4 gig for a little while and then stop?

Any suggestions on what to do? Should I return the ram i bought (from amazon) and just order 1 set of two 4G ram and put all 4 G in one slot?

Also a reason why the RAM slot may be acting wierd is because I spilled water on my MBP about 6 months ago and had to replace the topcase

any suggestions?