Howdy Folks!

We continue to drink deep of the iKoolaid, adding to the Apple gear here at the World HQ (current: MBP 13, iP4, iP4S, iPad v1, Apple TV v2). My HP DV17T has been on a steady decline, it's done a great job generating 90% of our revenue over the last ~3.5 years, so I feel like I definitely got my money out of it. In fact, it'll probably be used in some less mission critical capacity (maybe as an HTPC somewhere ... the current 320GB HDD is headed to the Xbox360 )

Here's the actual deal/specs/etc:

2011 MBP 15", 2.3GHz Core i7 (quad-core, 2820QM 8MB), 8GB RAM (1333 MHz DDR3), 500GB 7.2K HDD, 1GB 6750M GPU (w/ HD3000), Hi-Res 1680x1050 AG/matte display.

It's mint condition, everything is BTO/OEM (so all covered by Applecare), purchased 4 months ago, with 3 year Applecare (2 years, 8 months remaining, expires Oct 2014), Lion (and DVD), MS Office 2011 (nice extra bonus worth a few hundred $$$), Belkin mini-DP HDMI adapter, charger, all original documentation, software, receipts, boxes and packaging.

Got the email from my seller with my Applecare transfer request, along with the original receipt from Apple for $2642 for the machine (without the $349 Applecare, or the MS Office 2011 or the Apple BT Keyboard, or the HDMI adapter). I figure that's about $3200-3300 of original MSRP.

Final price was $1800 shipped (and fully insured) to my door. Thought that was a pretty excellent deal.

I'll be using it for pretty robust development, including running a number of VMs for client and server environments, Oracle and SQL tools, Visual Studio, XCode for iOS dev, plus general computing chores like you outlined, plenty of video encoding, photo management, etc. ...

I'm currently using a Logitech K800 (backlit wireless) keyboard and MX Anywhere mouse, love both of them, but I understand only the mouse is specifically made for OSX, and the keyboard might worth with some gyration ... I guess I'll see how that pans out.

Ordered a satin Speck case, went with a light blue MBP case:

The Wifeyİ has a red satin Speck on her MBP13 which I really like.

Oh yeah, and ...