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    Logic Board .. or Topcase? (Keyboard/ Trackpad) HELP PLEASE!

    I am in a very dark place. I replaced the hinges on a friends Macbook A1181 and may have completely destroyed 2 macbooks in the process.

    After fitting the new hinges, I re-attached the topcase (Keyboard/ Trackpad) and pressed the power button. Nothing happened. I checked all the connections and suspected a faulty topcase. So I decided to take my own personal Macbook's topcase and fit that to test it. Powered up no problem and keyboard/ mouse worked fine.

    A few swaps of the topcase later, I discovered that the original topcase was dead (apart from the power button if pressure was applied to a certain area of the keyboard), but to my horror found that my own Topcase did not work correctly in my own mac. The trackpad/ keyboard were not working but the power button was (same as the original problem with the other mac)

    I shut down the macbook and removed the keyboard, however I accidentally ripped the ribbon cable. So now I have two macbooks, with no working keyboard.

    I am concerned that I may have damaged the logic board on my own Macbook. I have ordered a new topcase (which will not be here for another 5 nervous days) and am hoping to god this is all that is wrong. I may have damaged my own topcase cable connectors when swapping them, after all chances are I did the same thing on the original topcase.

    I am very concerned might have damaged the logic board somehow. Everything else works perfectly on my macbook (USB inputs, external keyboard mouse etc.) Is this likely? Or am I just paranoid... I am desperate to find out. I have read pretty much every thread relating to this issue in the last 4 hours and its not looking good... many people have had the same problem, many similar issues afters spilling stuff, no spilling involved here.

    Any advice or help would be greatly appreaciated. I will not be sleeping sound for a few nights...

    Apologies if the scenario is not very clear, it's not easy to explain and I cant even follow properly.

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