Hi All !

I have bought for some days ago a macbook pro, second hand, model late 2006, 2GHZ, with a 15" screen (yes, I am the kind of persons who cannot work on glossy screen, and worse I am the kind of persons who cannot work on LED-backlighted screens, even matts : it gives me huge eye strain - so if you have a good hardware ideas about that, I'm open to any suggestions), and the computer has random horizontal lines on the screen, mostly on the open windows (meaning : sometimes on the back of the screen, but mostly...) and disappearing the most of the times when I close the windows till I open another where an other line is here, but not necessarily on the same place, quite weird, BUT it never happens on the apple white screen on the beginning and mostly not before the identification/password screen.

The computer is also, sometimes freezing, totally, the and only option I have is shutting it down on the "barbarian way", by pulling the button. I may also have noticed that the most lines it appears (more and more, sometimes none during the first minutes), the most I am close to the barbarian rebooting, but I am not really sure of that, and not sure that's linked : just and impression.

So, is it so bad doctor, and is there something to do against that, or I just have may strained eyes to cry ?

Thank you a lot for your answers, for reading, and sorry for the message length, but I tried to describe it the more accurate I could.