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    Unhappy Mac Harddisk failure
    My beloved black macbook breathed it's last breath a few days ago for the second time. This is my second hard disk failure and I've opted not to fix it again. It's been four years, I'm going to replace it with a macbook pro. I have a question- last time this happened was August and I got a new hard disk and started from scratch. Now I'm going to get a new laptop. Is there anyway that i could still transfer all of the information from my old macbook even with the hard disk failure? I have a relatively recent time machine back up so if worse comes to worse, I could just use that, but of course the computer dies on a day that I put a whole bunch of new files on my computer and installed new software and I did not do a time machine back up before it died. *sigh*

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Oh course this depends greatly on the cause of the failure and level of damage. It's a pity you didn't have Time Machine set to its default, which is to update every hour.

    You might try the demo of Data Rescue and see what it says.

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