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    No sound on TV via Macbook Pro using HDMI cable?
    Hi there,

    I just bought a Mini DisplayPort -> HDMI cable for my Macbook Pro, but while I get a picture flawlessly on my Samsung TV, the sound is only playing through the laptop speakers. I can't see the TV in the speaker settings or in the MIDI configuration, and a reboot with the cable mounted doesn't help.

    The cable is bought with the ability to provide sound as well as picture, so I'm out of ideas.

    Hope you got any suggestions.



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    What year and model is your MBP? Not all MBP models provide sound output through the MDP regardless of the adapter used. Depending on the model you own you may have to use another cable in order to get sound from the computer to the TV.

    Also, your post was moved here to this forum as it did not belong in "Internet and Wireless".

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    I have a MBP that I hooked up to my HDTV with an HDMI cable that had the same problem. After I made the connection I went into System Preferences, selected the Audio output and my TV showed up. I selected it and it's working great! Some of the older MBPs won't carry the audio over the HDMI connection so you would have to use the headphone jack and RCA cables to get it to work. You can check that by selecting About This Mac, More Info, and under Hardware select Audio. If there's a line that says HDMI / Display Port Output you should be able to use HDMI for the audio.

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    Go into your sound settings and make sure the output it sent through the TV instead of your macbook....

    Might just be something you looked over. Thats what happened to me

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    Hi again,

    The MBP is from december of 2009, and it's an A-1286. I have checked all the sound settings and so forth, and there doesn't seem to be a HDMI/DP output in the hardware configuration.

    My guess is then, that I need to carry the sound via a jack cable additionally to the Display Port?

    Thank you

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    yes, that is correct. Your MBP does not support audio over HDMI.
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    Alright, weird move by Apple.

    But thanks a bunch guys.

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