So today I decided my macbook looked too grungy and cleaned the screen. Lovely. The keys, I thought, could use a cleaning. The machine wasn't off, but since the screen had been closed, my password/user screen was active and would ask for my user name and password before I could get into the tender bits of the machine.

Bearing this in mind, I gave the keyboard a nice good swipe with a cleaner on a papertowel...lightly dampened mind you...but just enough to clean things up.

A swipe didn't enter my password, but this cleaning swipe certainly did something in regards to the computer recognizing my password. My sense is that I changed something on the computer that governs stuff like case and how the keyboard could be changed for other characters. First thing is that the caps were not turned on by this swipe, my password is all lower case and sometimes when the case has been changed I can't sign in. But whatever I did, I changed how the computer reads what I am entering, and I am stumped what this could be. I am hoping that the fine minds here might have some ideas for what I might want to try.

I know I can change things on the keyboard prior to signing in, like caps as well as the screen brightness. I am sure there are other things. Like the super secret alternate devils keyboard only accessible by making a nice swipe across all the keys on the keyboard. :-)

Your consideration is great appreciated!

The guy without a computer....