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    Anyone experience battery drain even when MBA is OFF?
    Long story short, is anyone experiencing battery drain even when their MBA is turned off (as in completely shut down, not in sleep)?

    I ask because the other day, knowing I wouldn't by using my Air (2011 13" base model) for the next few days, I shut it down with about 50% battery life. Two days later, I go to turn it on, and it won't power on. I plug in the charger, and it finally turns on, but is displaying 0% battery life.

    To experiment, I charged it back to 52%, and fully shut down again (this time making sure it was completely off). The next day, I powered it on, so it didn't drain completely, but the battery life was at 49%.

    I'm going to continue experimenting, but I'm wondering, is the battery supposed to drain at all when the Air is completely shut off? And if so, is 3% drain normal?

    If I have a faulty or failing battery, I'd like to know ASAP. Please chime in, or try shutting down yourselves for a day or so and report back?

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    I believe what you're seeing is normal, however, since the machine is still under warranty, you might want to run this by Apple and see what they say. I have an older MacBook (2008 model) which displays the same battery behavior but there are probably many more cycles on it than on yours.

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    Thanks for replying Chscag. I may do that.

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    My MBP dose that to

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