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    Is a 15" MBP worth the extra money?
    Coming from a 24" iMac (2.16Ghz, 3GB RAM) I need to get a laptop as I'm moving and leaving the desktop behind. So I'm looking at refurbished MBPs.

    I do photo editing (hobbyist) and like screen real estate, but I'll get an external monitor once I get to where I'm going.
    That said, the main difference I'm seeing is that the 15" (released Apr'10, specs: 2.8Ghz 4GB RAM) has a much better graphics card as well as the anti-glare screen, but it comes with Snow Leopard.
    The 13" (released Feb'11, specs: 2.7Ghz 4GB Ram up to 8GB) has Lion. RAM and Processors are on par with each other.

    There's a $500 difference in the two. Is is worth it?

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    In the 15, you could easily upgrade the RAM.

    I have a 13" (latest) and I can run FCP, Photoshop, Aperture 3 no issues

    I have 8GB RAM and an SSD.

    Its fast. And I actually prefer the smaller screen, but I have the HDMI adapter to plug into my TV, so screen space isn't an issue.

    Good luck

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