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Thread: HELP! My macbook pro won't boot up properly

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    Unhappy HELP! My macbook pro won't boot up properly
    I have a new macbook pro (I bought it about a month or two ago) and I have had several macs (currently I have three other apple computers in my apartment) but this new macbook is what I do all of my photoshop and video editing work on and I need it so I can go to San Francisco tomorrow morning.

    So when I hit the power button the hard drive makes its usual 'hello' noise and the screen turns to the regular grey, and the apple icon appears. THEN there is a loading bar like it is trying to load in to safe mode, but it doesn't even get 25% of the way, and then it sits there for about a minute and then the computer just shuts off. I checked the battery life it is full, but since it is a new mac they had the brilliant idea of putting the battery inside of the back plate so you have to unscrew to get at it. I am not going to screw around (no pun intended) until i'm really desperate. I have apple care but I would rather resolve the problem myself.

    Obviously there isn't much for me to try. I have tried booting in to safe mode, plugging it in or having it not plugged in. If I can't resolve it in a few hours I'm just going to have to take the computer to the apple store and hope they can fix it before I have to fly somewhere without a computer.

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    Try turning it on from a powered off state and then holding the option key down to select the boot process. It should take you to a screen where it will allow you to select the boot drive.

    Select the main start up disk and then press enter and hopefully it'll boot up for you.

    Might as well give it a shot.

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    Thanks, from there my two drives popped up (I have a windows partition that isn't finished being set up) as well as a repair disc. I repaired disc permissions and restarted and tried my normal drive. The same problem happened again. I tried booting again while holding option and tried to re-install lion, but all of the drives are 'locked'

    I made an appointment with the local mac store, if I can't get this figured out in a few hours I'm going to go complain. I have apple care and the computer is practically brand new.

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    I verified the disc permissions a second time and it told me that the disc needed to be repaired (duh) but when I tried to get disk utility to repair it said that it could not be repaired. When I returned to attempt to re-install Lion Mac HD was no longer on the list. What the heck?

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