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    Unhappy Please Help (I'm desperate) - Overall Macbook Problems
    Hello Mac Forums.

    First of all, I'm completely new to these forums, since I only joined to ask you all for help with my problem. I am certain that there are hundreds of others who have problems, and are as desperate as me, but please help me out.

    You see, my Macbook (I honestly don't know what other info to give you, other than "Macbook") has recently begun to overheat.... in strange ways. The screen will all of a sudden become like... how do I describe this? The pixels on the screen will all of a sudden turn into a darker-lighter checkerboard pattern. And then, very slowly, the screen will start to get brighter and brighter until it turns completely white. I have been able to deal with it, but only by sitting it directly in front of a fan. However, it has recently (just now) gotten SO bad, I cannot even use it for 10 minutes without it overheating and doing the weird checkerboard thing. I have to restart my Macbook over and over and over again, and it still doesn't cooperate. This is unfortunately all the information I know to give you, but please feel free to ask me anything if it helps the situation. Anything.

    Anyways, I would simply like some answers: What do I need to do to solve my problem? Should I honestly pay to get it repaired? Will that do anything? What's wrong with my Macbook?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Open it up and clean the fan and vents. Blow out all the dust and dirt and make sure the vents around the hinge area are clear.

    Here are the instructions: iFixit: The free repair manual

    Have your model number on hand and follow their take apart instructions.

    Also moved this thread to the correct forum.

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    It could be your logic board/graphics that is failing, normally when a Mac is overheating, it will shut itself down before any problems begin to occur.

    How old is your MacBook? Do you still have Apple Care?

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