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    Hi all,

    I'm new to the world of Mac having decided it's time to try something new and I would really appreciate your advice.

    I am looking to purchase a laptop. Up to now I've been a PC user who has often relied on cheap second hand knock off laptops to get me by for a few years until they give up the ghost. My current laptop has about had it and as it's the start of a new year I think it's time to treat myself to something new.

    I have done some research into Macs but it can get a little confusing.

    I would like my laptop for general office tasks and web browsing which I accept can be carried out on any old machine. However, I am a semi pro musician with some interest in basic production and basic graphic design. On top of that I have an extensive music collection so would like something that can handle that side of things. I have an interest in casual gaming as well.

    From my research, the Macbook Pro seems to be the way to go, and I feel 13" is quite enough. However there is a lot out there with different processors and the like which easily fries my mind and often makes me want to choose the best/most expensive just because I think I should!

    I have around 600 to spend at the moment and can boost that a couple of hundred with some time. I am more than happy to buy second hand/refurbished and use ebay. I feel ebay may be the way to go.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated some pointers as to which model, software/OS and where to buy.

    Thanks kindly in advance.

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    Ebay would be great! To save money I'd get an older macbook pro and upgrade the memory on MacBooks are great and to use it to its full potential by upgrading the memory first by getting the snow leopard disc and then download lion from the mac appstore but if you don't want lion instead of getting just the snow leopard get the macbox set with snow lepord iWork and iLife. Thats what i did with my iMac g5 (an old mac) and it worked great!

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    Ok, some nice ideas MacAddict, thanks. I've never used before but it seems a decent site.

    Would like a few suggestions before I commit mind you.

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    Would there be much difference in terms of performance if I went for a late (2010) MacBook rather than the Pro?

    There's a huge difference in price, particularly on the Apple Refurb site.

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