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    Lightbulb Recover important word file i trashed and emptied?
    Hi there,

    I have quite a new macbook air (250gb solid state air), and recently deleted a word file accidentally from the desktop and emptied the trash. This file is incredibly important for work and i'm desperate to get it back.

    Annoyingly, my hard drive was relatively empty until yesterday (before i realised i had deleted this file) and dumped 100gb of old movies, pictures and some docs onto the new laptop.

    I've run a full scan using Data Rescue 3, but I'm not sure how to find this file within that. It doesn't appear on the desktop folders.

    I can even see the exact file name when i open word then choose 'open recent', but it cannot find its location.

    Is there anyway i can get some sort of autosave or backup or anything at all?

    I'm desperate for the content of that word file. It is just 3-4 pages of text notes

    Thanks so much for any help


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    Hi and welcome to M-F

    If i read this right and correct me please if I'm wrong, but the files were put in the trash and emptied, when your HD was relativity empty and then 100GB of movies was put on that disk ??

    If so then I'm sorry to say you will have little chance of recovering anything from it.
    To try and get something you shouldn't write to the disk at all and you have written 100GB of movies onto it. I reckon its gone for good. Someone might pop in with a Terminal Command that could help you find it but i don't like your chances.


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