this is the HDD i intend using:

it's the correct spindle speed, form factor, height, slightly bigger capacity than the 500GB Seagate that went bonkers, and is sata2/300 - but what i want to know is:

does this particular drive have the free-fall/sudden motion sensor built in (i know models ending in BJKT have them, but this drive ends in BPKT)

and if it does, will this cause problems for mac, or windows xp dualboot?
ive heard about disabling the motion sensor in the HDD, but isnt that a bad idea, ie the drive wont be protected?

also, is shockguard the same as sms?

lastly, if i rig up the old drive to my sata-usb doodah, will the mac migration wizard copy EVERYTHING? ie bookmarks that havent been saved as an html?