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    Question Viewing contents on alternative screen
    Hello new friends,

    My LCD screen on my late 2007 13-inch white macbook is broken. Toast. Finished. I'm having a difficult time finding a replacement option on my budget, so I am opting for a less expensive option if it is available.

    I would like to connect my macbook to my HD TV instead of replacing the LCD screen. I know what my options are as far as cables go for doing this, so no need to respond to this part, but my question is related.

    After connecting my macbook to my TV, is it necessary to change the display options under system preferences, or is this the sort of thing that is ready for use once all the cables are connected correctly?

    I need to know the answer before I buy the cables because obviously, if I need to change something under system preferences in order to display the contents of my macbook on my TV screen, I will not be able to do so because the LCD screen is completely busted.

    Is there any way to bypass this? Do they make cables that automatically detect a new screen and display the contents without any changes to system preferences?

    Your help is greatly appreciated. Mac gods, Hooooo!

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    You will probably need to change the display preferences, but you will at least see something on the screen when connected.

    Command F1 should toggle between mirror and extended desktop mode if that helps you.

    A replacement screen? I got one for about 65 (British currency) for my Macbook, took a bit to swap out but now good as new
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