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    Buying a MBP 17 inch, conflicting advice incoming
    Hi people, just got a few question about buying a new MBP.
    I'm looking at the 17 inch MBP with 4GB of RAM and the base HD.
    Basically, I need to know whether I can use the Thunderbolt port on the MBP to input an Xbox signal. I'm not looking to record it, just to show it. This is because my current TV is really boxy and it obscures my Kinect viewfield.

    I'm mainly buying it for school and university work, videos and music and a bit of gaming. I was on the Apple Store UK site and used the chat thing to ask this question, and they said that I could in fact connect my console to my MBP through the Thunderbolt port. I asked what cables I would need, but my Wifi crapped out on me and I lost connection before I could get an answer. I asked a few friends who know a lot more about this than me and they said the MBP has no video input. I'm a bit lost now.

    I have a i3 iMac 21.5 inch, and I use that for my game recording, but the passthrough lag makes using it as a display totally impractical, and obviously because its a 21.5 inch there's no video input on it.

    Would greatly appreciate a response as I'm trying to buy it on 0% finance, which runs out next week. Thanks!

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    I am not sure, but I have a mid-2010 MacBook Pro with a MiniDisplay port and you cannot connect an Xbox or a PS3 through it, regardless of which adapter you use, and that's mainly because, as your friends said, the MacBook Pro's video ports are mostly outputs rather than inputs.

    Have you tried going on the Apple Store UK site and contacting support again?

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    I have tried, but with it being the new year I think all the support agents are having their New Years party!

    I thought that it may be possible with a TB port as it does have to cater for 2 way traffic (output for displays, input for hard drive arrays/capture devices and the like)

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    There are no adapters currently that allow a video feed into the Thunderbolt port. When it's acting purely as a MiniDisplayPort output, it's strictly an output. However, using Thunderbolt protocols, it's theoretically capable of acting as a bus connection for any type of peripheral, including a video input - but you would need some sort of a peripheral to bridge the gap. Those peripherals don't currently exist (yet), but they may in the future if there's enough demand for it.

    So the answer to your question is "no", but that may change in the distant future as new Thunderbolt peripherals are created.
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