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    Recovery of hard drive
    Hi all,
    having tried every conceivable means of starting my Powerbook G4 over the last few months - its a kernel panic thing - I have decided to remove the hard drive and try and recover the data using a NewerTech USB 3.0/2.0 Universal Drive Adapter.

    My question is has anyone done the same or does anyone have an opinion as to whether this might work. The cost of this exercise by the way is a mere 21.99 so I would think it would be worth a try just to get my music back. What do you think.

    Thanks in advance for any comment. TheAustringer.

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    AS long as the drive is not damaged, it will work.

    Are you using another Mac to connect the drive to?
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    Jan 18, 2011
    Hi louishen I will be using the latest imac with 10.6.8. I have no idea if the hard drive will still work but I think it might be worth a try for 21. I have very little idea how all this works I just read and and watch tutorials and follow the advice. TheAustringer

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