I have a early 2011 unibody Macbook Pro 13 inch with a 500gb hard drive and an icore7 processor.

Around 4 months ago my kid spilled a very tiny amount of liquid onto my macbook pro keyboard. About 4 of the keys stopped working. I sent it into IresQ and by the time they got it only 2 keys were not working. They replaced the top case, and when I got it back I had no issues. About 2 weeks ago randomly my trackpad decided it wanted to go insane. It was randomly right clicking everything and moving by itself. After 3 hours on the phone with apple they said it needed to be replaced( i have yet to get it replaced due to traveling). Now tonight suddenly my computer froze, and when I went to restart it I got the white screen with the file that has a question mark. I did the disk installer, and when it gets to the part of telling me to select a drive to install mac osx there is no drive listed. I called apple support, and they said more than likely the hard drive needs to be replaced and possibly the logic board.

So, here is my situation. I currently live in italy due to being stationed here. The closet store is about 2 hours away. Not to mention I speak no italian. I know that IresQ is an apple approved repair service. I have never told apple that I had anything replaced because at the very least I wanted to still get phone support. Here are a few questions I have:

Will they be able to tell at the apple store that I had the entire top case replaced?

If they can tell and i am upfront and say I had the top case replaced due to water damage will that void my warranty completely even if it was with an apple approved repair shop?

Is there any way to tell if it just the hard drive and not the logic board also?

I don't want to drive 2 hours deal with italian service which i am sure will be 4-5 hours of me waiting for an answer or leaving it with them for a week just for them to tell me hey we won't fix it.

If none of these are viable options please let me know of any you might know of. Also, I have read that basicly if you have to get the logic board + plus hard drive replaced out of your own pocket you might as well just buy a new one because the cost is outrageous is this true?

Thanks for any help!