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    Smile Noob. Superdrive help is needed!
    I purchased two broken macbook's off one of my buddy's for $25. He said they couldn't be fixed, he had tried countless times. I figured I'd give it a shot and if I couldn't, I'd just part them out. 3 hours later one is working just fine and i'm using it to post this question.

    The macbook in question is Model Number: A1181

    for some reason the optical drive had been removed from the laptop. He threw one in with the sale, and I'm having trouble finding what I need online. The ribbon it came with doesn't seem to be able to plug into the logic board. I've looked on ebay and craigslist, but the only ribbon that I can find is the one I have. Pictures below to what i'm talking about. I'm a mac noob, just wondering if someone could chime in and help me out

    female end on the logic board

    ribbon I have that came with the optical drive

    reverse side

    any help is appreciated

    - Scott

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    someone has to know

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