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    liquid damage:ibook G4 won't stay in sleep mode when power cable connected
    I spilled tea on my ibook G4: and did the stuff you're meant to do, but not straight away. Did take off keyboard and mop up liquid, so yes there was quite a bit there.

    What's happening now is that the ibook will not stay in sleep mode, either when I close the lid, or when I use the drop down menu.

    Other random keyboard stuff was happening with g and > getting stuck on, or not working. this then developed into other keyboard faults and eventually the Apple key not working properly either!

    However after Christmas, I thought I would give things another go, so I unplugged the keyboard again and did a bit of cleaning around the power socket, as these keyboard problems seem to start after the power cable has been plugged in. I also cleaned around screws that hold ram shield in place as there was some black under them.

    Well this seemed to have sorted it.....left it plugged in and for a quite a few hours all was good, but then this morning it was up to its old tricks, going to sleep and then waking itself up, and making itself rather warm in the process.
    The keyboard glitch is now on the z, which goes between not working and printing loads of zs, much in the same style that the gs were doing.
    As it is, it's usable: as long as it doesn't get any worse.......

    I'm wondering is it worth doing a more thorough clean around the power socket? Or anywhere else?.....or any other advice please......


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    Hi: forgot to mention: it's fine going to sleep if it's not connected to the power cable.......

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    It might just be the power settings, it may be set to no sleep when the cable is connected.

    Have a look at the settings in  menu > System Preferences > Energy Saver > Power Adaptor tab
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    hi thanks
    don't have that option under energy saver/ power adaptor.
    under wake options, I have:
    Wake when modem detects a ring
    Wake for ethernet network admin access.

    these were both ticked, but unticking them did not change things, unless I need to restart the computer.

    I guess the ibook thinks its doing something, and so wakes itself up.

    The reason I thought of cleaning around the power socket was that I thought maybe things might be shorting there (?)

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