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    Broken hinge on macbook pro 15

    My niece pushed back the screen on my Macbook Pro 15 and broke the hinge. Now, the screen is slightly disconnected from its hinge on the left side. When i close the computer, the top is misaligned. Is there a way to fix this? Is the best option to take it to the Mac Store?
    I am no longer under warranty. I've had my Macbook for 3 years.

    Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bmwlissa View Post
    Is there a way to fix this?
    Sure...replace the hinge (assuming nothing was damaged additionally).

    Quote Originally Posted by Bmwlissa View Post
    Is the best option to take it to the Mac Store.
    The Apple Store is probably your best option if you cannot do it yourself...otherwise a "DIY" project would get it done. This website ( has procedures & photos.

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    More broken MacBook Pro hinges
    I have a similar problem with my MacBook Pro, though I don't have a niece that broke it. I think this is a defect in the product as my computer is just under 3 years old and coming apart at the hinge. I have never dropped or mishandled it. After a little research on the Internet it seems that this is a common problem for late 2008 MacBook pros. I purchased mine early 2009 and unfortunately for me don't have AppleCare. I took it to a Mac store, though not official Apple store, and was told that because I damaged the body I would have to pay $700 to replace the display, not to mention being charged $62 for that sage advice.
    I plan to follow up with Apple. A friend has a MacBook air and the case is cracking near the hinges. She said enough people with a similar situation have complained that Apple is dealing with it.
    Anyone else out there with similar problems?

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    Your best option would be to replace it yourself or deal with the messed up hinge.

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