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    2008 Macbook Pro issues
    Hello all!
    Need some thoughts. Recently I've been having many intermittent glitches with my macbook (15" intel core duo, 8GB RAM, 512MB Video): mouse and keyboard not responding at times, computer shutting down when running intensive graphic apps (games, photoshop, final cut...) and my screen flickering at low brightness. A friend ran an ASD test on it, all OK.

    I took it in the first time (still under apple care till April 2012), but because they were unable to replicate the issue, they changed the trackpad. Fixed.

    A week later, same issues with the rest, except the computer had been shutting down more often and the folks at apple witnessed it; except that after replicating 4 times the uncommanded shutdown running certain apps, the computer wouldn't power up again, which was a first. Decision was taken to change the keyboard (with top case) along with the logic board because the most likely cause was a bad graphics card. Up to here ok.

    Tech guy calls me yesterday to say: "We've run some tests on the hard drive and found surface issues, so we're changing it along with the keyboard, not the logic board."

    After so many uncommanded shutdowns couldn't that lead to screwing up my hard drive? I never had problems with it in the past. I'm wondering if they are trying to find a way to skip the logic board repair by patching it up (or even to hide the fact they could have damaged the HD by shutting it down 4 times abruptly) and in a few months out of warranty the thing goes TU.

    Thoughts? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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    Just make sure you document everything. Keep all receipts and records of repairs. If it does go bad on you out of warranty you may have recourse for further free repairs. Generally though, if a Logic Board needs repair, Apple will swap it out. As a matter of fact, they're sometimes too eager and quick to swap out a Logic Board.

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