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Thread: Want Icloud but only getting MobileMe

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    Dec 28, 2011
    Want Icloud but only getting MobileMe
    Just got a new Iphone and want Icloud on my Mac but under settings the only option I get is Mobile Me, which is being discontinued.
    Do I need Icloud on my Macbook as well as my Iphone? If so how do I get it?
    thanks so much

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Not sure where to look on iPhone as i havnt got one, but on your Mac if your running Lion then hit the  top left System Preferences>Internet Wireless>iCloud and you can manage it there.
    Also goto and set it up there as well.


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    Guess I'm not running Lion, does that mean I can't get Icloud?

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    Well it would help enormously if you provided operating system details ~ pretty hard to guess.

    If you are not running Lion, hopefully it is Snow Leopard OS X.6. It is reported a new Software Update to version OS X.6.9 will enable iCloud for SL users.
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    That is correct. iCloud is limited, on the Mac, to those of us using Lion. Full system requirements here.
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