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Thread: Macbook Pro to TV issues

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    Macbook Pro to TV issues
    So I've done a lot of searching on this and haven't found anything helpful to my particular problem. So the details are, I'm using a Macbook pro trying to hook it up to my old panasonic tau TV. I have a mini-display port to vga, and then a vga to component cable adapter (it was the only set up to connect my macbook to the TV). I have the separate headphone jack to r/l audio cable. When I plug it all in my main problem is that the tv and computer seem to realize they're hooked up, but the tv only shows a mostly purple and pink screen that looks mostly like snow, if I tweek my settings enough there will be a hint of what I can see on my computer on the tv screen, but only as multiple and very small (rapidly moving) images within the pink and purple snow. I've tried hitting detect displays and nothing changes, mirror or don't mirror display and nothing changes, changed resolution/hz and that only gets me so far as the aforesaid multiple moving images within the purple/pink snow. I'm thinking my TV might be too old, or the connection to it too odd, to work, and I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has other ideas, or goes to the same conclusion I'm at: I need a new TV. Thanks for your time.

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    My first thought about the problem you're having is that the Panasonic is too old to accommodate the video input from the MBP. You might want to browse through our Sticky Post in the "Other Hardware" forum labeled "How to hook your computer to a TV". You may get some ideas from those posts.

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