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Thread: Backlight not working - software issue?

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    Backlight not working - software issue?
    Today the backlight of my white Macbook (late 07) stopped working. I can just barely see what's going on on the screen.

    Funny thing is, I can make go on again by turning down the brightness completely and then go up one step. At that point the screen will quickly flicker some light. If I do it 5-10 times, the screens comes back on as normal.

    I've only this twice, but it seems that when I turn the computer off or it goes into sleeping mode, the dark screen returns.

    Can this still be a problem with the inverter board, the inverter cable or the CCFL backlight tube - or can it be a software problem that can be helped by reinstalling Lion?

    I have tried a System Management Controller Reset (SMC) by holding down the power button with battery out. No difference.

    Thanks so much - hope there's a clever person out there ready to help :-)

    Update: The screen has started turning off at random (or so it seems). The trick with adjustning brightness still works.

    Ps. Merry Christmas.

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    That's the symptom of a failing backlight not due to software. Could be as you stated, the inverter or the CCFL tube. The inverter is easy to change out, however, if it turns out to be the CCFL you may as well change out the entire display as it's easier to do. Go to iFixit: The free repair manual and look up the procedure.

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