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Thread: Password on 11" Air

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    Password on 11" Air
    I got a used 11" air for Xmas. I am unable to get the password or reset it. It is running Snow Leopard. The USB system installer will not let me reset the password or boot without a password. I can't get it to boot twith an external CD with Snow Leopard disc in it. Is there some way I can just dump the system and software and reinstall?

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    Did you get the original install USB or CD's that had Snow Leopard and iLife '09 on them? I believe you need the correct version for the type of mac laptop or computer you are using. Otherwise you may need a retail version with a full install of Snow Leopard but then you will not have iLife '09. Hopefully the really knowledgeables will chime in on this one.
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    If it is firmware password protected big problems. This is what you see if implemented ~ scroll down to see the padlock on the link"-

    Tell us about the SL disc? Is it a black full retail install DVD? When you mentioned an external CD, take it this really is a DVD player/burner?
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    I agree with Harry. It sure sounds like a firmware password set to me. If that's the case, take your sales receipt or other proof of purchase or gift with you to your local Apple store and ask them to wipe the firmware password.

    On the newer machines, only Apple can wipe or reset the firmware password. There were several work arounds for older machines, but not for the late models.

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