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Thread: Screen magnification and video projector

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    Screen magnification and video projector
    Hello, i wonder if someone can help me with some suggestions. For a new job I just started I need to be able to demonstrate some some features of an application using a video projector connected to my laptop.. Because I have limited eyesight I have to use the screen magification feature on my MacBook. Is there some way I can project the screen as it would appear without the magnification even though I have the screen magnification on?

    If this can't be done on the MacBook I also have an iPad and a PC laptop (I use a software called ZoomText on my PC) that I could use for the presenations if there was a way of having my screened zoomed but not have the zoom projected.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions you are able to provide.

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    To the best of my knowledge, the answer is no, if you have screen magnification on it will also be magnified on the projector.

    HOWEVER, an alternative (depending on just how bad your eyes are) is to instead (at least for presentations) not use screen magnification but instead simply downgrade the resolution of the screen to 800x600 or even 640x480.

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    If you are needing to see the actual laptop screen enlarged I don't think there is a good way to do that without enlarging it on the presentation. If you just need to see lecture/presentation notes that is probably doable.

    The only things that occurred to me are kind of a kludge but might work. It might be worth the effort to try both and see which works best.

    1. Take screenshots of the relevant screens beforehand and save them (probably as PDF). These could be in one document enlarged on the laptop screen while the presentation appears on the projector.

    Option 2 Use the iPad in conjunction with the laptop and a piece of software to remote operate the laptop from the iPad. (I have used iTeleport and Remotix Lite but there are several of these). The laptop runs the presentation as it would normally while the iPad is used to control the laptop. The zoom gestures can be used to enlarge how the laptop screen appears on the iPad without affecting the screen size users will see.

    Option 2 would require being able to set up a wireless connection between the iPad and computer. I think it could just be an ad hoc network though. No router needed.

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