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    Mac Newbies G4 Ibook Wifi issues
    Posted a few weeks ago when I bought a used G4 on Ebay. Ibook is in EXCELLENT condition - even box looks new. Here's my issue...I can't get wifi thru airport extreme card. I have cable modem + Linksys WRT400N router running WPA PERSONAL security mode. I enabled mac address and even changed back to WEP because G4 is 2005 tech. G4 does not recognize any networks at all? Can anyone suggest how I can set this up and get it to find my network? Processor + 1.4 and running Tiger 10.4. Do I need to update software? OS was loaded new when it was sold.


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    You can try one of a few things things:
    1). You can go to the AirPort menu in the menu bar and click on "Network Preferences." When it comes up, look in the left hand pane and see if "AirPort" is in the list of enabled network devices. If it is not there, click the "+" icon and add "AirPort."
    2). If that does not work, try adding a new "Location" by going into Network Preferences and adding a new location. That will turn off the Automatic location detection.
    3). Remove the WEP passcode from your basestation and try to connect your iBook to your network with no locked security.
    Hope one of these helps.
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    OK, I've been working on this all afternoon...I did get the airport extreme to search networks when I reset security to WEP, and I did get on line. But why would all local networks show up and then dissapear when I reset my router security to WPA2 Personal? Card can't find any networks in the area? Is this a WPA2 issue? Should I do a PRAM or PMU reset? I did go to system profile and airport extreme is listed with most current software. I have an old HP laptop that can find all of the networks without an issue. I really don't want to go back to WEP settings.

    Any suggestions?

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    im having the same problem with my g4 powerbook,but for some crazy reason i can connect to my cell phone wifi tether with no problem. but i need my home wifi to work its faster. just like yours i have 3 other laptops in the house that connect with no problem(mbp,hp mini,hp).

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    What's very likely going on is that the airport card in that VERY OLD iBook G4 is too old to be able to decrypt WPA2.

    Although WEP is not very secure anymore, it's better than nothing I guess, so it's WEP for you.

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