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    Why is my macbook pro 2011 slower than my 2009?
    Hello everyone,

    I've been using my new 2011 macbook pro for the last few months and I have to say I am confused. The only reason I brought a new computer was because my wife's HP finally died and we decided for her to take the old 2009 macbook pro and I buy a new since I use it a lot more.

    I expected a lot but both man is the new 2011 slower than my old one and the battery does not last no where near as long. I don't get it. Both have a 500 gig hard drive and both have 8 gigs of ram. The 2009 is a 2.5 core duo and the 2011 is a 2.2 core i7. Both are also running lion but overall everything opens lighting quick on the 2009 compared to the newer one. Heck I get the spinning wheel quite a bit on this computer compared to the old.

    So my question is, What the heck and how can I fix this?


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    Quote Originally Posted by daimbert View Post
    So my question is, What the heck and how can I fix this?
    Give the "Beachballs" link in my signature a read. Also realize that a "bad" hard drive can also cause what you're describing. Yes I know that it's a new computer...but anything can happen with hard drives (old or new).

    - Nick
    - Too many "beachballs", read this: Beachballs
    - Computer seems slower than it used to? Read this for some slow computer tips: Speedup
    - Almost full hard drive? Some solutions. Out of Space
    - Apple Battery Info. Battery

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