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    Alumi Macbook pro power management issue
    I have a 15" alumi macbook pro. i had it sitting in a drawer for maybe 2 months. well when i pulled it out i noticed the battery had expanded. It was split apart and the battery was almost twice the size as normal. So i ordered a new battery from amazon. i did not buy the standard apple battery. it was a cheaper non name brand battery. after about 2 weeks of normal use i started having and issue with it. if the battery went dead when i would plug it in to charge it the status light would stay green and not turn amber. it would also not turn on. after removing the battery and unplugging it and letting it sit for a while when i put everything back in it turned on and charged the battery. so i learned to not unplug it or let the battery die and i would also not turn it off. when i was done i would close the lid and let it sleep till next time. than i started to notice that the fan was constantly running. i did not really think much of it cause i would normally use it on my bed so it would get kinda hot. after a month or two of use it ended up back in a drawer. Well i just pulled it out a couple weeks ago after it had not been used for about another month or two and had an even harder time trying to get it to turn on. the only way i was able to get it on was to hold the power button and just plug it in than unplug it when it did not boot. well i got it back on a couple days ago. i have the battery in it but the computer shows an x in the battery status and the charger has no green or amber light on. also the fan will not turn off. the fan has been running for two days. when i shut the lid it will not turn off the screen or the fan and as far as i know it will not go to sleep when i shut the lid. i am doing a fresh install of snow right now hoping it will reset the management and everything will be ok. i am worried that i may have fried something though. does anybody have an opinion or a solution to what the problem could be? also if i did fry the board is it worth replacing or is my laptop trashed?

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    Your post is very hard on our eyes. Please use paragraphs in the future rather than running everything together.

    The swelling of the battery may have damaged something internally. It also appears now that the problem may be the power supply. Buying a cheaper battery is not a good solution since they usually do not perform as well as an original Apple battery.

    You might want to take your MBP in to Apple and let them run a diagnosis on the machine. Make sure you get an estimate of repairs before allowing them to work on it. If the logic board was damaged or is defective, it may be very expensive to repair.

    This time of year all Apple stores are very busy. You might want to wait until after the holiday season before taking it on in.

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