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Thread: Kernel Panic on Startup

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    Kernel Panic on Startup
    I will start by saying that I know it is my hard drive, but I don't know if there is any way to salvage anything...

    I get a kernel panic on start up. I don't even get off the Apple in the beginning before getting it. To trouble shoot every possible thing I could without going to get a pro to take my HD out, I have reset my PRAM, SMC, and tried to Safe Boot (but cannot), FireWire tether (but my other computer can't pick up the drive. I have also started up in Single User mode, but I have no idea what information is being spit across the screen. All I know is I see the word <panic> a couple times in there.

    Now, I tethered to my MacBook just to see if it would recognize it on the MBP (the broken one), and it did when I started up with Option. I had no problem seeing it.

    I am spent...I don't know what my next step should be. Any help would be appreciated, but please speak slowly...I am just learning bit by bit. If there is any way to salvage anything off it, that is all I am trying to do. I understand that it might not be possible, but also understand it isn't impossible.

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    To be honest...a completely dead hard drive (in my experience) usually doesn't give a kernel panic. The computer usually just doesn't boot or you get the flashing "?".

    But (if as you say) you think that it's the hard drive...then that hard drive has got to come out sooner or later. You could try to remove it yourself...go to have some great DIY procedures there.

    After removal...install it into an external HD housing...and plug into a 2nd computer to see of you can get access to it.

    One other idea. Try booting your computer from an OS install disk...then launch "Disk Utility" and see if Disk Utility can "see" the disk. Then try repairing the disk...and repairing permissions.


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