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    Macbook Pro Dies While Plugged in. Adaptor?
    So my first Magsafe adaptor got messed up and I bought a cheap replacement, the replacement was the wrong wattage and my mac fried it, soooo i got another cheap replacement and it worked for a while until...
    I'm seeing a pattern here with cheap stuff...

    Anyway, the charger doesn't seem to give enough power, if that makes any sense. It's the right wattage this time and everything, but recently it will charge my computer when it's shut off and generally keep it at the same level of power when it's plugged in and turned on. Right now it's staying at 95% and the light is green, so no charge and my battery meter is saying "95% battery is charged. Power Source: Power Adaptor". Now, that's strange enough, but when I do something that I assume would take more power, the battery begins to drain.

    Last night I was playing a game on my Windows partition of my Mac and the computer shut off twice while plugged in. I had to wait for the battery to charge a bit before turning it back on and then i noticed the slow draining.

    I've accepted that I need to buy the official Apple adaptor, which I will do on payday, but... is that the problem? Just my adaptor or could there be a more serious issue

    EDIT: Also if it's any concern my battery cycle count is 645. A bit high but, still going strong at 85% according to Coconut Battery.

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    I would be surprised if it were the adaptor. Your symptoms seem to indicate that it may be the power supply or the connection in the Mac at fault. Your battery should not drain when the Mac is plugged in. As the battery is charging it is getting power from the adaptor, so I don't think that the adaptor is the issue.
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    That's not good news...

    I definitely needed a new power adaptor anyway so before i trashed it, out of curiosity, I took it apart and the thing definitely fried. So I'm really hoping that it's an easy solution like replacing the charger.

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