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    MacBook won't start up after trying a couple things
    I am not smart with computers but searched through the threads for my problem. My computer will not start up and I believe it was turned off properly. Recently when starting but, a noise of something moving in my computer sounded like it was getting slower right at start up and today there is nothing. I tried all the trouble shooting at and I heard from someone that if you disconnected the computer, took the battery out and pushed the power button for 10 seconds it would start up, nothing would work. I was curious if there is anything else to try or if something most likely finally went out. Thank you in advance

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    Without any additional information about your computer - year, model, and which version of OS X it's running, it's difficult to assist you. See the link below.

    Basic Mac Troubleshooting.

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    MacBook model a1181, bought it in July of 2007 and I just put snowleopord in it. I reformatted my hard drive about 3 months ago and it had snowleopord on it before but it came with lion.

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