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    Mini-DVI to S-Video Adapter Not Working
    So I recently purchased a Mini-DVI to Video Adapter, I've owned one before and used it on the television I tried to use it on this time however it doesn't work.

    I have a late 2007 MacBook and the only thing that has changed since the last time I used this type of adapter is upgrading to Lion. I've tried using the S-Video connection as well as the standard video connection but no matter what Hz I use, or even what resolution, I get varying degrees of grayscale, flickering, wavy, multiplied, screen images.

    The television is pretty old and the only thing I could think is that 60 Hz isn't a low enough refresh rate for it, however my display preferences don't allow anything lower. I even tried it on a different television however I got a similar result. I don't have a reason to believe the cable is defective since it seems to be a glitch in software somewhere.

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    I believe this to be one of two things either this is another thing affected by lion, or you have a faulty cable. I know that s-video cables can do some weird things when going bad, I would check with another cable if you have access to one, if not you may be able to just check it with the continunity checker on a multimeter.

    I have not heard of this problem with lion before, but I do know that apple is no longer selling these they are still selling the one for the 1st gen macbook air which I have found to be unsupported by Lion. Maybe someone else has heard of lion compatibility issues with the tv adapters.

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