I have a PowerBook G4 from 2006, which has been kept in great conditions. Yet one day the adapter popped and fried my DC board. I took it in to get it fixed, and they replaced the DC board. I also bought a third party 65 watt adapter.

The computer turns on and everything works well when it is plugged in. But the problem is when it is running and I unplug it to run it on battery then it turns off immediately. I have checked the battery and the green lights show how much power it has; I can tell that it holds charge. After waiting about 5 min of the computer not being plugged in, I noticed that I can press the power button and the computer will turn on as if it is coming out of a hibernation mode and it would run off the battery. Now, when the battery is running low, and I need to charge it, and I plug it in, it turns off immediately on me. I have to wait another five minutes until I can turn it on while it is stilled plugged in. Then it seems like it's coming out of hibernation mode. I have noticed that even when the power adapter is not plugged into the wall, and I slip the plug into my computer, it turns off immediately. It seems like there is some kind of switch that causes the computer to shut off immediately into hibernation mode.

From this point, I have observed that the best way to transition between the battery and the power cord is by closing the laptop so that it goes into sleep mode... then plugging in the power cord, then pressing the on button. This method is getting very annoying, and I have search for over three years for a solution and have tried many things like recalibrating the battery, reformatting the hard drive and place a fresh copy of the software and updates, and opened up my mac piece by piece in order to make sure everything is plugged correctly.

Is there anyone that can help me understand what is going on and also what things I can try in order to see if I can get this computer to work? Thank you so much... I appreciate it greatly!