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Thread: How much is my MBP worth?

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    How much is my MBP worth?
    Hello everyone,

    I bought my Macbook Pro on February 26, 2011. I ended up paying around ~$2525.37 (**** that's a lot know that I really add it up, ha ha). This includes tax, High Resolution anti-glare monitor, and 8 gigs of ram that I put in myself. I should also mention that I opted for the faster, but smaller hard drive (500 GB one).

    I still have my year of Apple Care and I am looking to sell this Macbook Pro. I used some of the estimating sites, but they are nearly $1,000 off of what I paid for something that is not even a year old. Do Mac's depreciate this fast?

    I was wondering what you folks might think is a reasonable price for this Macbook Pro? I have used it for school and work; there is a minor mark on the lid which is about 2mm long.

    Here are the specs:
    MBP 15.4/CTO
    Part Number: Z0M1
    With the following configuration:
    PROCESSOR	065-0092	2.2GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7
    MEMORY	065-0093	4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB
    HARD DRIVE	065-0549	500GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200
    OPTICAL DRIVE	065-0102	8x Double-Layer SuperDrive
    DISPLAY	065-0105	MBP 15"HR Antiglare WS Display
    DVI Adapter	065-0106	None
    VGA Adapter	065-0108	None
    REMOTE	065-0110	None
    Apple Software - iWork	065-7672	No iWork preinstalled
    Apple Software - Final Cut Exp	065-7674	No Final Cut Express preinstd
    Apple Software - Aperture	065-7673	No Aperture Preinstalled
    Apple Software - Logic Express	065-7675	No Logic Express Preinstalled
    Apple Software - Filemaker	065-8307	No FileMaker Preinstalled
    Apple Software - MS Office	065-8198	No MSO preinstalled
    KEYBOARD AND DOCUMENTATION	065-0116	Keyboard/Users Guide
    COUNTRY KIT	065-0119	Country Kit
    I plan to first try to sell it locally through Craigslist and then possibly eBay or something like that.

    Thank you for your time,


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    Check e-Bay...this will give you a pretty good idea of it's current value.

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