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    Macbook 13" Aluminum battery ?
    Hi all New here on this forum. I belong to lots of different forums but don't know why I never thought of one for the computer when I had issues

    I am thinking it is just in need of a new battery but want to see what you all think.

    Have had this laptop since 2008 I think it is model 5.1

    99% of the time I leave it plugged into the A/C power but if I unplug it about 1 min or so later it will just shut off

    looked at the system profiler and this is what it says under power

    says check battery next to condition

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    I think it's telling you that you may need a new battery. A 2008 MacBook is going on 4 years old and if you've always kept the machine on AC, the battery has probably deteriorated even though it only has 73 cycles on it.

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    I agree just wanted to see if anyone else might of had a weird problem I didn't know about. off to the Apple store tomorrow then


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    My wife has the same model MB 2008. Her usage is similar. The battery is shot after all this time as well. She's going to be getting a new battery from OWC this Christmas as she refuses to part with this particular machine. Four years of not taking care of a battery is plenty and it speaks to the overall good quality of the charging system and components that it works at all after this much time.
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    I agree been the best machine I have owned only thing I need to figure out that I don't like is. After adding a time capsule it seems to slow down webpages as it backs up so I just stop it while I am busy

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