I've posted on the water damage thread previously, but I'll give a bit of backstory. uMB had a small amount of water spilt on the keyboard, broke a number of keys including the shift key which meant I could only type in caps. Repair shop fitted a new top case and keyboard, everything seemed to be fine.

However, three of my keys are now not functioning correctly. At the bottom left corner of the keyboard, the shift key, CTRL key and alt (option) keys are not working. The Fn key, CMD, `, Z and X keys are fully functional.

As I do not have any other problems what so ever with my MB, I have begun to assume that this is unlikely to be a logic board fault. What I would like to know is advanced ways of troubleshooting the keyboard, if possible I would like to know which part of the keyboard ribbon connection corresponds to which areas of the keyboard.

If anyone with a uMB could take a photo of their keyboard ribbon connection into their logic board so I can compare, that would be useful, as I am certain that the connection is wonky and may be causing me issues here.

Any suggestions/experiences of this problem would be appreciated, as I think I'm already 2/3rds of the way inclined to buying a new top case for it.