I'm trying to install an operating system back onto my mac hd. Currently, nothing is on there. Whenever I do try to install any operating system, however, be in Windows, Linux or Mac on the HD.. the only way I can boot into the installation process is after turning on the mac, holding down alt, and waiting for the CD/DVD option to show up.

When the CD shows up so I can boot into it, there's two options, reading either "Windows" or "EFI boot" even though they are both the same CD, and obviously the windows option doesn't boot into windows. It boots to whatever operating system setup I have in the CD drive at the time.

After I format my drive and everything (currently GUID), it asks to reboot. After I reboot, it shows the blank mac white screen, and I can't boot into the hard drive. Even if I reboot the macbook pro again, hold down the alt key, only the CD option to boot shows up, if the CD is still in there.

The hard drive doesn't even show up at all, even though it's GUID format. And it won't boot into anything at all if I leave the computer alone completely, not holding the alt key. It'll just sit there all day with the blank mac white screen.

I don't know what's going on. I've tried using Disk Utility in the Mac OS X setup disc, as my main goal out of all of this is to get MAC OS X back on the hard drive.

Any ideas? Is my hard drive bricked?