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    Exclamation A1181 Macbook - screen seems... discoloured? Suggestions? Tricky one, this!
    Hey all,

    I'm restoring an A1181 Macbook which was given to me in a state of disrepair. After a thorough clean of the logic board I've got it booting again, all seems well.

    However - the screen, while fully operational, seems:

    A) A bit dim, and

    B) Discoloured - like it's colour balance is all set wrong or something. Yellowish tinge? It does display all colours, red is red, green is green, blue is blue.. just.. tinted.

    I have the funds to replace the screen, but if it's another problem I don't want to waste the time, money and energy, so I'm just checking: has anyone heard of this before and if so do you know what the problem is?

    I'm reasoning it's just gruesomely faded CCFLs in the display panel because:

    - I've never heard of an inverter changing the colour of a display (though it is a bit dim, I've also never heard of an inverter causing a display to be dim, they usually just clap out completely)

    - Due to the nature of how LVDS signalling works, any signal loss or connectivity issues between the board and the screen would cause a complete or severe lack of functionality. The screen displays all colours, there's just a tinge to it. Hopefully this rules out the cabling.

    - I've never heard of a logic board failure causing the chippery which drives LVDS to misinterpret colours in such a benign and consistent manner. After all, it's all digital, right?

    What do you think?? Someone please confirm they fixed this with a new screen!

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    I agree with your assessment. It's either the backlight tube or the LCD itself. Either way, it's best to change out the LCD since the backlight is incased within the LCD display panel. Just as easy to change the entire unit out.

    Take a look here for instructions: iFixit: The free repair manual

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    You might want to check:
    System Preferences

    Check the brightness and color.

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    Thanks for looking/replying! It appears switching the display resolved the problem.

    The new display doesn't appear discoloured and it is also a little brighter.

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