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Thread: Firmware Password Question

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    Firmware Password Question
    My brother has a Macbook Air that his college has assigned to him.

    The school has a firmware password set, and admin restrictions placed on a lot of the features of the unit, as I understand, so as semesters go on and the units are passed from student to student, they dont screw them up.

    Heres my question.

    I know the firmware password prevents you from booting from other hardware, usb, etc.

    If I were to take my hard drive from my MB Air, that has no admin restrictions will in run in his fine. He just wants to be able to customize his background etc, right now due to admin restrictions he can't.

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    First of all that wouldn't be right would it? Since the machine belongs to the school they make the rules for using it. Just abide by the rules.

    Second, it won't work anyway. The school was very wise to place a firmware password on the Air. Since this is not in accordance with our guidelines (we do not discuss anything that might be illegal) I'm closing down this thread.

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