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Thread: New Adapters

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    New Adapters
    My friend has the early 2008 model of the white MacBook. It charges fine with the older MagSafe adapters, but refuses to work with the new L-Shaped adapter. I have other friends with the same model that charge fine with the new adapters. Does anyone know why her's wouldn't like it? The models seem to be technologically identical. Thanks!

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    My early 08 mbp charges off of the L adapters, and my 11 charges off the old T adapter. Actually, ALL of the adapters will work for ALL my computers in the house (save the Lenovo, which needs the 170w, and won't work with the 90w bricks). That includes 2 MBP's and 2 macbooks. So, I don't got a clue. Despite what the Apple salesguy told my wife, it will work.
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    Yeah - I have a few other friends with the same model and it works fine. It's really weird, so I just thought I'd see if anyone had the same problem.

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