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    New Macbook Pro 13 or 15?! Advice needed!
    Good Morning,

    I'm looking for some advice on what machine I should purchase - I'm currently upgrading from an early 2009 13 inch machine and I'm unsure which new pro would best suit my needs. I don't mind spending some extra cash if I will truly notice a difference when handling my workload.

    I will be using the machine as a main computer (surfing, media etc) but also for some pretty intensive audio (Live, Reaper) and video (imovie, final cut) work as well. The portability of the 13 inch machine was a benefit of the past as I do alot of recording out in the field but I'm just wondering about the 15 inch because it's a quad core. It appears that the new 13 inch i5 or i7 processors have a faster clocking speed than the 15 inch model. Will the quad core make up for that difference? My understanding is that the quad core will be better for multitasking, am I correct?

    All in all, will I get better value out of the 15 inch machine and is it worth the extra money?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    One thing that may make your decision easier is...which display size do you want? You mentioned the 13" and 15"...and you mentioned currently having a 13".

    So if you feel that you would like to stay with the 13" (smaller size/lighter weight)...then get the 13". If you would like more screen real-estate...get the 15" (or at least narrow things down a bit by choosing either a 13" or 15" model)...since Apple currently has two stock configurations of each.


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    Perhaps I should clarify -
    the bigger display would be a nice but it is certainly not a dealbreaker. What I'm mainly concerned about is audio recording and editing. I will be doing a bit of video editing but it will be simple so not something that would necesarily use the better video card in the new 15 inch MBP's (would be nice but again, not the end of the world). My question is really, how much better will the quad core be for audio recording and editing when compared to the 13 inch models? I was confused as the 15 inch shows a faster processor speed but I'm guessing that the fact it's quad core makes up for this difference?

    If I'm really only paying for a bigger display, it's not worth it.

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