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    Question What Upgrades can I buy for my late 2008 macbook unibody?
    I have a 750gb harddrive installed and after taking it apart I realized i can get 4gb of ram, other than that what else can I buy to make it faster/ more efficient?


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    That's about it - memory. Unless of course you would like to swap out that 750GB hard drive for a SSD. I also have a 2008 MacBook (the model right before yours) and added memory and a larger hard drive. I have no intention of spending any more dollars on a machine that's going on 4 years old.

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    yea thats what I figured, just figured there could be something else haha

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    I have that model too:
    - 4GB RAM
    - Swapped the HDD for a SSD
    - Replaced the superdrive with the original HDD

    With an SSD, it really doesn't ever feel much slower than my Core i7 MBA.

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