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    Is the macbook pro compatible with razer tiamat 7.1
    As the heading states. I have a 13inch macbook pro mid 2011 i'm looking at getting the razer tiamat for my windows gaming notebook. I would also like it to work with my macbook. Due to the fact that i'm going on international flight which will take 15 hours. I will take my macbook because of its size & a 7.1 headset will be nice to listen to.

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    That is a heck of a bulky headset. Not sure that I would want to lug something like that aboard a plane, when a $5 pair of ear buds would accomplish the same and take up a lot less space in my carryon.

    But to answer your question, yes it appears to use the same 3.5mm jack that just about any other cheesy "gamer", "elite" headset does... I wouldn't see why not.
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    I don't know if those headphones will work with MacBooks. Razor claims that they will be offering more mac support with they're upcoming products, but has not specified if it is this set of products or not. They seem to be designed exclusively with PC gaming in mind, so we'll just have to wait for actual system requirements.

    I'm curious to find out from an audio perspective. I got so excited about 6 years ago when the started introducing surround headsets; however I've yet to see a set that actually work. They usually do sound about like $5 earbuds, and sometimes much worse. The problem with most of these surround headsets, is that they all have awful frequency response. All the sets I have tried end up sounding poor due to extremely low distortion thresholds and a complete lack of highs and lows. They also tend to feel like wearing someone else's prescription glasses over your ears because of phasing discrepancies (hearing the same sound with each ear at a slightly different time). These new razor headphones claim to be the first accurate surround headset, correcting these problems by using independent drivers (5 drivers in each ear cup), and using an ambisonic function to re-insert the phase information you get from having speakers at a distance. If they have descent sensitivity and response, (even sort of) I would pick up a pair for doing surround work on the go. I imagine they won't work for polishing, but they should give one a rough idea of where in the sound stage things are happening.

    Any driver connecting with a cuff and grove mini plug will technically output audio from a MacBook; but to route that many independent signals to that many drivers requires decoding software. It's not practical to fit that many AC connections on a mini plug, and impossible to fit that many drivers into an ear bud. You need a big bulky set of cans to house that many speakers.

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