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    Graphic Card 13" MBP
    Hey guys,

    I've been wanting to buy the new MBP 13" for a while now, the only thing that is holding me back is the graphic card. I'm not looking for anything extremely high end, but I'm a casual gamer and I'd like to run some newer games. (Low settings is fine.)

    But from what I understand the Intel HD 3000 is a medium to subpar graphic card. Is there anyway to upgrade this graphic card?

    I know you can't manually put in a new graphic card because the Intel HD is smoldered to the motherboard. So maybe an external graphic card? (If they are any good.)

    If it helps, I'll probably get the i7 with the added RAM (total of 8 gb).

    What do you guys think?


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    I don't think you can upgrade the graphics card.

    Just get the i7 with 8GB ram and an SSD and you'll be plenty fine. I can run photoshop like its nothing.

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    If you're a casual gamer, don't worry about it. The Intel HD 3000 should be fine for most low to medium graphical games. It's the higher ended games which require discrete graphics to run well. Also, if you put 8 GB of system memory in the MBP 13" model that will give the HD 3000 512 MB of borrowed memory instead of the usual 384 MB.

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    Thanks guys! I'll probably get the MBP from my university's store and I don't think they offer the SSD, so I hope it won't affect it too much.

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